Wednesday, 24 March 2010

IPR Presentation and Lifestyle Bazaar visit...

Today was a fun and exciting day. It's always nice sometimes actually getting out during the day to browse exhibitions and just general fashion happenings.

I headed down to the IPR ( )brand presentation day to learn more about some of the exciting Independent brands they represent.

I managed to film the two below clips of and Religion talking about their current collection pieces and brand direction.

After the presentation at IPR, i nipped just a few doors down to the gorgeous Lifestylebazaar boutique in Shoreditch where my fashion art greeting card collection is stocked.
Below pic: My Fashion Greeting Card collection on display at the shop

I also discovered the below interesting merchandise that made me laugh!

I could not believe what time it was on my way! Why does time fly by so quickly when you're having so much fun hey?

Nite nite xx


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