Friday, 17 September 2010

London Fashion Week: Day 1 and Oh No the Pope is here!

So today was the first day of London Fashion Week and what a mad morning I was having already! I completely didn’t even think I would in any way be affected by the Pope's visit to London but I was sooooo wrong!

I called up Addison Lee for a cab to take me to Somerset House to catch the Paul Costelloe and Maria Grachvogel show before heading off to work at the 'A La Mode' LFW International show and for the first time I was actually being told there were no cars available. After persisting they finally said I could expect a car shortly...shortly resulted in waiting 1 hour meaning I was running extremely late!! So not a good look!!

The driver informed me that I was in fact one of the lucky people who managed to get a cab. He was like "do you not know the Pope is coming to Hyde Park today?". Obviously I knew he was going to be at Hyde Park but did not even think about it affecting me. Anyway after waiting an hour for a taxi and being stuck in traffic forever, I finally made it to Somerset house where my work colleagues were waiting for me and just about managed to catch Paul Costelloe's show...How close!
Below is my outfit for day one:

I decided to wear:

- A Vintage Maxi Dress
- Grey knitted draped jumper
-My Furry handbag from John Lewis
- Leather biker Jacket
- My black vintage sling backs

Read on to find out about the shows I went to...


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