Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Adopted Culture: A fashion movement by award winning model nana afua antwi

Today I met up with Top Model of Colour winner 'Nana Afua Antwi' to learn more about her new fashion label and concept 'adopted culture'!

Our Amazing Hot Choclates mmmmm :)

Nana first wore one of her pieces at the Clothes Show Live event in London last year and the amount of people I witnessed stopping her and asking for her business card was just phenomenal. And being a model herself it made sense for her to be the face of her brand.

Below pic: Me and Nana(wearing one of her creations)last year at Clothes Show Live.
Although she has just officially launched the label requests have already come pouring in and she most recently got approached by the FAB Magazine editor to design an exclusive piece.

It was great just catching up with Nana and hearing more about her journey and what she hopes to project through her label.

Her sketches were just simply fabulous and can't wait to see the full range!

Bisous xXx

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