Monday, 31 January 2011

Introducing Eveae West...

Today I had a meeting with Award Winning UK musician Egypt in Central London.
I had met Egypt for the first time at an event after Christmas whereby she performed alongside other UK artists including Miss Frank. She wore this amazing peach dress and I had to find out where she had purchased it from! Little did I know she made it herself and all by hand!!! I was simply blown away so when she got back from her amazing trip to Ghana we decided to finally meet again so I can have a look at a few of her collection samples and find out more about her Eveae West label.

Her pieces and detail on the sleeves was just simply beautiful. It’s so funny because you always hear about celebrities launching their own fashion label which they clearly did not design the range for but simply slap their name on it, so am always sceptical about celebrities who tell me they are designers. However I had another level of respect for Egypt because this is one celebrity that created each piece in her collection by hand herself!!!

Above Pic: Egypt holding up one of her collection pieces

Egypt will be joining the fashion pack as she prepares to debut her new label during London Fashion Week at the 'A La Mode' International Catwalk show taking place at the cosmopolitan Charing Cross hotel in Strand!

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