Thursday, 27 January 2011

My Beauty Product of the week...

This week my beauty product of the week has to be the VIE at home ‘Hand in Glove’ exfoliating sugar scrub! Being someone who has extremely dry hands :( I am always on the hunt for that special product that can soften my hands, therefore was very excited about trying this product! Thank god I work in an Industry where there’s more bisous’s on the cheeks going on as opposed to hand shaking ! lol.
Being a presentation snob the first thing I loved about this product was the packaging and the fact that it would look really nice in my bathroom amongst my other products :) Well they do say presentation is key and says a lot, so I was very impressed!

Ensured to keep your hands in tip top condition I massaged the ‘Hand in Glove’ exfoliating sugar scrub onto both hands and must say felt the sugar scrub particles working their magic within seconds. I think you most definitely know a great product rather instantly when it comes to beauty products.

Once I finished my hands felt so soft and smooth I could not believe it!!!!!
Extra benefits of this product includes it also contains skin rejuvenating Rosehip Sead Oil to help provide immediate relief to the signs of dry skin. A blend of Echinacea and Chamomile help sooth while the sweet Almond Oil and beeswax help moisturize your skin. Plus the anti-oxidant benefits of Vitamin E.

This product is definitely a must for those looking for long lasting soft, smooth and silky hands like myself!

To find out more and bag yourself one of these amazing hand exfoliation product go to

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Anna Clara said...

I love stealing beauty products hidden from my mother!