Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New CID Cosmetics Press Event

Today I attended the New CID Cosmetics Press Event.Founded in Britian in 2005 New CID Cosmetics was born from the New ID Studios & Burlingtons. It's a simple to use range with innovative tools such as light-up lip glosses and built in mirrors. Founder and director Kelly Coleman explained ‘The aim was to create a range that simplified make-up application. We listened to hundreds of New CID make-up artists, sharing insights they have picked up from making up real women. These women felt that make-up shopping can be overwhelming with too many fashion-led shades which aren’t always wearable or easy to apply.’ So, New CID Cosmetics was unveiled to fill that gap in the market’.

Below: Founder Kelly Coleman giving us an intro of the Brand

We had an opportunity to spend 15 minutes at each station to learn more about their products and also get mini make-overs should I say and just a general feel of the products. My group started off at the eye product station. I remember cringing when the Make-up artist, Michael Phillips, asked to test out some smokey eyes on me!!! To be honest I have never had smokey eyes done on me where I actually felt I could walk out of the building with it on. The last time I had smokey eyes (As I showed you in one of my previous posts) I ended up coming out looking like a Panda!!! So since that experience I really don’t and hate doing smokey eyes. I just like to admire it on everyone else :)

I obviously explained to the MUA my dislike of smokey eyes and my previous experiences, however instead of putting him off, he found it rather challenging to test out the smokey eyes look on me and I said just SOMEHOW he managed to convince me, lol.

Within 15 minutes Michael not only made smokey eyes look amazing on me using the New CID cosmetics but also proved to me that when done properly and with the right products, smokey eyes can look fab on anyone! I was so happy with the results and the products felt great on my skin. My face is very sensitive so for me the smooth feel and general texture of the products was a very important factor.

Below: My Smokey Eyes with the Amazing Make-up Artist Michael Phillips who made it happen :)

He used the i-shadow quad with mirror and i-smoulder to do the smokey eyes.

Later we moved onto the Lip station and OMG their amazing Lip glosses made my lips feel amazing! One thing I hate is an overly sticky lip gloss that ends up drying out your lips! Their i-gloss lip glosses light-up and come with a mirror so very handy for squeezing in your purse on that night out!!

Below: The i-gloss

The last station was more focused on the face, so your concealer, powders and blushers etc.

Below: Theresa from got her make-up done and have a look at the amazing results below! She looks gorgeous and so natural!

One thing I was very impressed about overall was how versatile the New CID cosmetic products are and the consistency in the quality. Being a make-up junkie I did not have one bad thing to say about the products, I simply wanted them all!! Including some fabulous lashes I saw...might have to nip down to House of Fraser this weekend to bag myself one :)

To find out more about New CID cosmetics and their stockists visit

Bisous xx

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