Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My interview at the Kubi Springer show Headquarters!!

Today I headed down to the Kubi Springer show studios for an interview on the Fashion Industry and London Fashion Week in general. I must say I always get a bit nervous about being interviewed but always feel better once the interview gets started especially as it’s an industry I work in and am extremely passionate about!

I got styled by the Amazing Zi of Zed Eye ( ) and had my make-up done by the Amazing celebrity MUA Kamanza ( ).

Below pics: Me being styled by Zed Eye

Kamanza in fact air brushed my make-up on which was the first time I ever had something like that done and all I can say is it can get very addictive!! My make-up was just absolutely flawless!!!! I wish I had the privillage of getting air brush make-up on a daily basis (lol).

Below Pic: My Airbrushed make-up!!

Below: Celebrity Make-Up Artist Kamanza

For those of you who are yet to come across this amazing show headed by Award Winning Media Mogul Kubi Springer, The Kubi Springer show sponsored by Rapid Cargo' delivers the inside scoop on business and offers an opportunity to learn from the expert herself. The show encourages the viewers to take control of their business, their career and create their own success! The show also features an interactive segment for the viewers to email, call, text or tweet with business and career related questions to Kubi and her guests each week.

Below: Kubi Springer Show Studio

I stayed for a bit to catch-up with everyone after my interview then headed home and had the most amazing curry chicken for dinner Yummmmmmmmmm!!!

Bisous xx

The Kubi Springer show can be viewed every Wednesday at 9pm on OHTV Sky Channel 199 (UK).


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Kamanza Image Creator said...

MZ Yolander, it was wonderful to have worked on a beautiful face, which match the personality. I am glad you loved the airbrushing. We will speak soon. God bless