Monday, 10 January 2011

A trip to Designer Zed Eye’s New London Showroom

Today was an absolute crazy day full of meetings and rushing to get to one venue or another but it’s days like these that end up being so much fun! It’s great to just get out of the office and meet with clients or potential clients so that was exactly what I did today.

Last season I produced emerging designer Zed Eye’s London Fashion Week Catwalk show so when I received the call from her to say she had finished moving into her new showroom and was being filmed for a TV interview I made it a must to go and support her and see her new showroom today.
Just to tell you a bit about the Zed Eye brand for those of you who have not yet come across this amazing brand, Nigerian Born uber talented designer Ngozi Pere-Okorotie, is the creative head behind Zed Eye. The London College of Fashion graduate, who takes inspiration from fashion goddess Vivienne Westwood, hails from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria, currently residing in Earls Court, London. It appears the inevitable for such a fashionably talented woman to end up in the fashion capital; Ngozi originally studied to become an accountant.

Her passion for designing beautiful garments stems from sweet childhood memories of her mother's fashion academy, which means Ngozi was constantly surrounded by clothes, and encapsulated into the world of fashion long before she embarked on her successful career as a fashion designer. One life-changing moment that stands out to her is learning how to use a measuring tape at the tender age of six.

Famed for her stand out piece; the three quarter sleeve floral print summer jacket, which has already rouged the wardrobes of top celebrities including Kelis, Shingai (The Noisettes), celebrity hairdresser Tara Smith and renowned British designer Henry Holland, Ngozi sang high praise for her spring/summer 2010 collection.

I finally headed down to Greenwich in London to see Zed Eye’s new showroom and collection pieces and all I can say is Wow!!! The showroom is beautiful and the collection really speaks for itself!
Below pic: The designer behind the Zed Eye Label Ngozi

Loved her shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fell in love with her jackets and definitely need one of those in my life :)

Modeled by Zed Eye's fantastic MUA Stacy

I was so excited I got a bit snappy happy (see below pics)
To find out more about Zed Eye visit

After Zed Eye’s showroom meeting I dashed off to another meeting and finally to BED!! Yes I do actually sleep,lol, people ask me that all the time.

Tomorrow is another busy day so nite,nite


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NRC said...

Seriously love her work!