Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The hunt for the Chanel bag...

Today I took the afternoon off to actually spend some quality time with my cousin (or should I say twin as most people put it lol). We decided to do brunch and I promised to help her source a lovely Chanel bag as she has wanted a new one for a while.

On my way to meet her I came across this gorgeous lady with a beautiful Camel trench coat (below pic). This trench coat was certainly not your everyday trench coat and this picture does not even highlight it’s rich Camel colour. I loved her overall casual chic look so thought I would share it with you :)

Unfortunately it is not available in the UK as she purchased it in France :(

Back to my cousin’s hunt for a Chanel Bag...Did she end up buying the Chanel bag? NO she ended up dragging me to Westfield (Very dangerous) and bought a load of perfume, clothes and jewellery! So much for the Chanel bag hey! Now I am shattered and have 100 emails to respond to!!!! OMG!!!

Bye for now



Catherine said...

hey Yolande !
Congrats for your Blog !Love it.

Cheers !

Yolanda said...

Ah thank you Cath!