Monday, 31 January 2011

Introducing Eveae West...

Today I had a meeting with Award Winning UK musician Egypt in Central London.
I had met Egypt for the first time at an event after Christmas whereby she performed alongside other UK artists including Miss Frank. She wore this amazing peach dress and I had to find out where she had purchased it from! Little did I know she made it herself and all by hand!!! I was simply blown away so when she got back from her amazing trip to Ghana we decided to finally meet again so I can have a look at a few of her collection samples and find out more about her Eveae West label.

Her pieces and detail on the sleeves was just simply beautiful. It’s so funny because you always hear about celebrities launching their own fashion label which they clearly did not design the range for but simply slap their name on it, so am always sceptical about celebrities who tell me they are designers. However I had another level of respect for Egypt because this is one celebrity that created each piece in her collection by hand herself!!!

Above Pic: Egypt holding up one of her collection pieces

Egypt will be joining the fashion pack as she prepares to debut her new label during London Fashion Week at the 'A La Mode' International Catwalk show taking place at the cosmopolitan Charing Cross hotel in Strand!

Visit for more info


Thursday, 27 January 2011

My Beauty Product of the week...

This week my beauty product of the week has to be the VIE at home ‘Hand in Glove’ exfoliating sugar scrub! Being someone who has extremely dry hands :( I am always on the hunt for that special product that can soften my hands, therefore was very excited about trying this product! Thank god I work in an Industry where there’s more bisous’s on the cheeks going on as opposed to hand shaking ! lol.
Being a presentation snob the first thing I loved about this product was the packaging and the fact that it would look really nice in my bathroom amongst my other products :) Well they do say presentation is key and says a lot, so I was very impressed!

Ensured to keep your hands in tip top condition I massaged the ‘Hand in Glove’ exfoliating sugar scrub onto both hands and must say felt the sugar scrub particles working their magic within seconds. I think you most definitely know a great product rather instantly when it comes to beauty products.

Once I finished my hands felt so soft and smooth I could not believe it!!!!!
Extra benefits of this product includes it also contains skin rejuvenating Rosehip Sead Oil to help provide immediate relief to the signs of dry skin. A blend of Echinacea and Chamomile help sooth while the sweet Almond Oil and beeswax help moisturize your skin. Plus the anti-oxidant benefits of Vitamin E.

This product is definitely a must for those looking for long lasting soft, smooth and silky hands like myself!

To find out more and bag yourself one of these amazing hand exfoliation product go to

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My interview at the Kubi Springer show Headquarters!!

Today I headed down to the Kubi Springer show studios for an interview on the Fashion Industry and London Fashion Week in general. I must say I always get a bit nervous about being interviewed but always feel better once the interview gets started especially as it’s an industry I work in and am extremely passionate about!

I got styled by the Amazing Zi of Zed Eye ( ) and had my make-up done by the Amazing celebrity MUA Kamanza ( ).

Below pics: Me being styled by Zed Eye

Kamanza in fact air brushed my make-up on which was the first time I ever had something like that done and all I can say is it can get very addictive!! My make-up was just absolutely flawless!!!! I wish I had the privillage of getting air brush make-up on a daily basis (lol).

Below Pic: My Airbrushed make-up!!

Below: Celebrity Make-Up Artist Kamanza

For those of you who are yet to come across this amazing show headed by Award Winning Media Mogul Kubi Springer, The Kubi Springer show sponsored by Rapid Cargo' delivers the inside scoop on business and offers an opportunity to learn from the expert herself. The show encourages the viewers to take control of their business, their career and create their own success! The show also features an interactive segment for the viewers to email, call, text or tweet with business and career related questions to Kubi and her guests each week.

Below: Kubi Springer Show Studio

I stayed for a bit to catch-up with everyone after my interview then headed home and had the most amazing curry chicken for dinner Yummmmmmmmmm!!!

Bisous xx

The Kubi Springer show can be viewed every Wednesday at 9pm on OHTV Sky Channel 199 (UK).


Friday, 21 January 2011

My Beauty Product of the week...

My beauty product of the week has to be the Luster Pink extra virgin oil hair lotion!! It is an absolute life saver especially for keeping your hair looking healthy and in tip top shape :) I love my hair looking slick and smooth at all times. Also you don't need to use much of this product just a small amount is sufficient.

Below pic:Hair after using this amazing product:

It is available in PAKs in Finsbury Park and other afro hair and beauty shops across the country.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New CID Cosmetics Press Event

Today I attended the New CID Cosmetics Press Event.Founded in Britian in 2005 New CID Cosmetics was born from the New ID Studios & Burlingtons. It's a simple to use range with innovative tools such as light-up lip glosses and built in mirrors. Founder and director Kelly Coleman explained ‘The aim was to create a range that simplified make-up application. We listened to hundreds of New CID make-up artists, sharing insights they have picked up from making up real women. These women felt that make-up shopping can be overwhelming with too many fashion-led shades which aren’t always wearable or easy to apply.’ So, New CID Cosmetics was unveiled to fill that gap in the market’.

Below: Founder Kelly Coleman giving us an intro of the Brand

We had an opportunity to spend 15 minutes at each station to learn more about their products and also get mini make-overs should I say and just a general feel of the products. My group started off at the eye product station. I remember cringing when the Make-up artist, Michael Phillips, asked to test out some smokey eyes on me!!! To be honest I have never had smokey eyes done on me where I actually felt I could walk out of the building with it on. The last time I had smokey eyes (As I showed you in one of my previous posts) I ended up coming out looking like a Panda!!! So since that experience I really don’t and hate doing smokey eyes. I just like to admire it on everyone else :)

I obviously explained to the MUA my dislike of smokey eyes and my previous experiences, however instead of putting him off, he found it rather challenging to test out the smokey eyes look on me and I said just SOMEHOW he managed to convince me, lol.

Within 15 minutes Michael not only made smokey eyes look amazing on me using the New CID cosmetics but also proved to me that when done properly and with the right products, smokey eyes can look fab on anyone! I was so happy with the results and the products felt great on my skin. My face is very sensitive so for me the smooth feel and general texture of the products was a very important factor.

Below: My Smokey Eyes with the Amazing Make-up Artist Michael Phillips who made it happen :)

He used the i-shadow quad with mirror and i-smoulder to do the smokey eyes.

Later we moved onto the Lip station and OMG their amazing Lip glosses made my lips feel amazing! One thing I hate is an overly sticky lip gloss that ends up drying out your lips! Their i-gloss lip glosses light-up and come with a mirror so very handy for squeezing in your purse on that night out!!

Below: The i-gloss

The last station was more focused on the face, so your concealer, powders and blushers etc.

Below: Theresa from got her make-up done and have a look at the amazing results below! She looks gorgeous and so natural!

One thing I was very impressed about overall was how versatile the New CID cosmetic products are and the consistency in the quality. Being a make-up junkie I did not have one bad thing to say about the products, I simply wanted them all!! Including some fabulous lashes I saw...might have to nip down to House of Fraser this weekend to bag myself one :)

To find out more about New CID cosmetics and their stockists visit

Bisous xx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

An Interview with Fashion Label Berit New York...

Last month I caught up with New York based designer Britney Frady Williams, owner and head designer of emerging label 'Berit New York'. I did a quick interview with her about her new collection, menswear line and returning to showcase during London Fashion Week...Read the interview here

Above pic: One of Berit New York's creations!


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Beauty Product of the week...

My beauty product of the week has to be my Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume for women!
I first came across this gorgeous perfume during Fashion Nights out back in September 2010. I immeditely fell in love with it and purchased it a couple of weeks later. It cost around £86 for the bottle but was well worth it. I took time to think about the purchase to ensure it was not just an impulse buy, getting lost in the moment during the Fashion Nights Out buzz etc :)

The smell is so sensual and very unique!

This bottle lasts ages as you only need to spray a tiny bit. A girlfriend of mine actually has the Men's version as she says she prefers that one so a very versatile range :)

You can purchase it online via Debenhams at here

The hunt for the Chanel bag...

Today I took the afternoon off to actually spend some quality time with my cousin (or should I say twin as most people put it lol). We decided to do brunch and I promised to help her source a lovely Chanel bag as she has wanted a new one for a while.

On my way to meet her I came across this gorgeous lady with a beautiful Camel trench coat (below pic). This trench coat was certainly not your everyday trench coat and this picture does not even highlight it’s rich Camel colour. I loved her overall casual chic look so thought I would share it with you :)

Unfortunately it is not available in the UK as she purchased it in France :(

Back to my cousin’s hunt for a Chanel Bag...Did she end up buying the Chanel bag? NO she ended up dragging me to Westfield (Very dangerous) and bought a load of perfume, clothes and jewellery! So much for the Chanel bag hey! Now I am shattered and have 100 emails to respond to!!!! OMG!!!

Bye for now


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Kubi Springer: “The UK’s Oprah”

Today I had a business meeting with the amazing International award winning marketing and media expert and author Kubi Springer at the OH TV headquarters in London.

For those of you who have never come across Kubi Springer, she has been dubbed as “the UK’s Oprah” by and has over 12 years of experience and working with the biggest brands in the world, including Nike, Blue Flame (P.Diddy’s Marketing Agency), MOBO, Rio Ferdinand and MTV; today Springer spends her time as a role model helping others to transform their passion into profit and their dreams into a reality. Through her speaker engagements, seminars and training workshops, Springer works in schools, colleges, universities, training institutes and businesses. Her aim is to provide an insightful gateway into the media industry, an understanding of how to use marketing as an effective business tool and the encouragement and motivation needed to reach dreams.

I was truly inspired by Kubi and love her book ‘What is FABULOUS?’ It is definitely a must read and features a collection of interviews from over 50 successful women who include Hollywood actress Nia Long, Drapers fashion editor Rebecca Roy, Award winning PR guru Jessica Huie and many more.

Kubi also has an amazing show on OH TV Sky Channel 199 which I will be appearing on soon :) Will keep you posted on that one!

Don’t miss The Kubi Springer Show, Wednesdays at 9pm on OH TV Sky Channel 199.

Find out more about Kubi Springer by visiting:

To buy her inspirational book ‘What is FABULOUS?’ go to

Nite xx

Monday, 10 January 2011

A trip to Designer Zed Eye’s New London Showroom

Today was an absolute crazy day full of meetings and rushing to get to one venue or another but it’s days like these that end up being so much fun! It’s great to just get out of the office and meet with clients or potential clients so that was exactly what I did today.

Last season I produced emerging designer Zed Eye’s London Fashion Week Catwalk show so when I received the call from her to say she had finished moving into her new showroom and was being filmed for a TV interview I made it a must to go and support her and see her new showroom today.
Just to tell you a bit about the Zed Eye brand for those of you who have not yet come across this amazing brand, Nigerian Born uber talented designer Ngozi Pere-Okorotie, is the creative head behind Zed Eye. The London College of Fashion graduate, who takes inspiration from fashion goddess Vivienne Westwood, hails from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria, currently residing in Earls Court, London. It appears the inevitable for such a fashionably talented woman to end up in the fashion capital; Ngozi originally studied to become an accountant.

Her passion for designing beautiful garments stems from sweet childhood memories of her mother's fashion academy, which means Ngozi was constantly surrounded by clothes, and encapsulated into the world of fashion long before she embarked on her successful career as a fashion designer. One life-changing moment that stands out to her is learning how to use a measuring tape at the tender age of six.

Famed for her stand out piece; the three quarter sleeve floral print summer jacket, which has already rouged the wardrobes of top celebrities including Kelis, Shingai (The Noisettes), celebrity hairdresser Tara Smith and renowned British designer Henry Holland, Ngozi sang high praise for her spring/summer 2010 collection.

I finally headed down to Greenwich in London to see Zed Eye’s new showroom and collection pieces and all I can say is Wow!!! The showroom is beautiful and the collection really speaks for itself!
Below pic: The designer behind the Zed Eye Label Ngozi

Loved her shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fell in love with her jackets and definitely need one of those in my life :)

Modeled by Zed Eye's fantastic MUA Stacy

I was so excited I got a bit snappy happy (see below pics)
To find out more about Zed Eye visit

After Zed Eye’s showroom meeting I dashed off to another meeting and finally to BED!! Yes I do actually sleep,lol, people ask me that all the time.

Tomorrow is another busy day so nite,nite


Thursday, 6 January 2011

2010 in pictures...

Below are some of my pics from 2010, just wanted to share with you some of the memories!

Wishing you all a fantastic 2011!


Mwah :)